About Me

My father was an avid photographer, and I was fascinated with his science. 

I attended Emerson College, Boston, where I became active in live performance. Original member of the Emerson Comedy Workshop (contained such madmen as Denis Leary, Eddie Brill, Adam Roth and Chris Phillips). 

After a few years of retail/wholesale sales work, I took the plunge and became a comic. Around this time my love of photography also took it's root. I remained active in the performing arts for years.

1996-  I took on the New England School of Photography's "Applied Program" (basically, a two year trade course crammed into an intense and totally immersing 6 months) before I graduated the class, I was already a working photographer, photographing comics, actors, events and weddings.

My passion is creating unique images, showcasing my client in his/her best light. 

My years of stand-up, and my natural gregariousness, allow me to bond with people, and relax my subjects. I cover events and functions like a "photographic ninja"; unobtrusive, but totally present. 

A bride once said to me after I delivered her wedding images: 

"Next to me, you were the most popular person at my wedding!"

All images Copyright Bob Keene bob@keenevision.com