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I think that a wedding is the ultimate photography challenge. 

Think about it- you must be a portrait specialist, a still life artist, be capable of photojournalistic mastery and do all of this (and more) while operating in the chaotic 'perfect storm' that is a normal wedding day. 

One must take control without interfering, be a diplomat and mind reader, be at the right places at the right times with the right gear, and there are NO DO-OVERS!! (Oh, did I mention that you're the one person there that the bride and groom are depending on to capture the memories that they may show to their children and grandchildren?) Right, no pressure.

I bring my experience and artistry to your wedding. My goal is to capture for you all the memories of a day that flies by far too quickly after months of agonizing planning.

Rates are charged per hour, two hour minimum. Depending on location, there may be travel compensation.

I deliver all your high-resolution digital files, corrected for exposure and color, delivered on CD/DVD's. 

All images Copyright Bob Keene